Irving Oil

The Irving Oil Refinery in east Saint John began operating in 1960. It is Canada’s largest refinery and employs a regular workforce of more than 1,400 people.

At least 300,000 barrels of finished energy products are produced at Irving Oil each day, including low-sulphur gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, jet fuel, propane and asphalt. The refinery exports over 80 per cent of its output to the United States. 
The facility covers 780 acres and has been upgraded on several occasions since it was built.  

During a $1.5 billion expansion in 2000, a 90 megawatt gas-fired cogeneration power plant was also developed on the property in conjunction with Trans-Canada Energy Ltd. The ‘Grandview’ plant relies on natural gas from Nova Scotia to produce two forms of energy - power and steam. Irving Oil has a long term contract to purchase 100 per cent of the plant’s heat and electricity output. 

Bayside Power

Bayside Power is a natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Saint John owned by Emera Energy Ltd. The electricity produced at the station during the winter months is purchased by NB Power and provided to its provincial transmission grid. During the rest of the year, Emera sells power from Bayside to other customers in the northeastern US.

The combined cycle technology used at Bayside maximizes the natural gas energy available to the site. The station has a 285 megawatt capacity and is considered the most thermally efficient generating asset in Atlantic Canada.

The Emera group of companies includes Emera New Brunswick as well, which operates the natural gas pipeline connecting Saint John’s Canaport LNG terminal to the existing Maritimes & Northeast pipeline.