Corridor Resources

Corridor Resources Inc. drilled a natural gas discovery well at the ‘McCully Field’ near Sussex in September 2000, working in partnership with Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. McCully Field wells have been supplying the nearby potash mill with natural gas since 2003.

The company’s McCully/Frederick Brook Shale Exploration & Development area covers 225,000 hectares. Corridor currently has natural gas production and reserves in the McCully Field; crude oil reserves in the nearby Caledonia Field, and contingent resources in the Elgin area.

Thirty-five natural gas wells were drilled in the McCully Field by the end of 2008. A 50 km pipeline connects it to the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline, (M&NP) which delivers natural gas to Canadian and US markets. Corridor began production to M&NP in June 2007.