Coleson Cove

NB Power’s Coleson Cove station is near the western municipal boundary of Saint John, 16 km southwest of the city’s central core. A thermal power plant, it has a total capacity of 972 megawatts. 

The plant generates electricity from combustion of heavy fuel oil in two boilers, as well as a combination of petroleum coke and heavy fuel oil in a third boiler. Fuel is delivered to Coleson Cove through an underground pipeline from the ‘Canaport’ bulk tanker unloading site at Red Head, 4 km southeast of Saint John. This fuel is stored in two 1.5 million barrel tanks at Canaport, and four 300,000 barrel tanks at the station.

Coleson Cove incorporates a series of air emission control systems including three electrostatic precipitators, two flue gas desulphurization units, two wet electrostatic precipitators, low NOx burners, as well as ash collection and reinjection technology.