NB Power’s Belledune plant is a thermal station on the shore of Chaleur Bay, 40 kilometers northwest of Bathurst. It can produce 467 megawatts of electricity from the combustion of pulverized coal as the primary fuel, and petroleum coke as a blended supplemental fuel.

Belledune was the first thermal power station in Canada designed with a Flue Gas Desulphurization System, or “scrubber.” It also operates with an electrostatic precipitator, which removes over 99% of the particles in the flue gases, and special burners to limit nitrogen oxide emissions.

The station has been operating since 1993. A major upgrade in 2004 saw the addition of added technology to recapture fly ash from the combustion process. This material is then converted into synthetic gypsum and sold by NB Power to J.D. Irving Limited for production of wallboard.