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15 Aug
Dr. Nathwani is from University of Waterloo while Dr. Tomblin is from Memorial University. More info on our website
15 Aug
We are also pleased to welcome two new Research Fellows. Dr. Jatin Nathwani and Dr. Stephen Tomblin.
15 Aug
Very pleased to welcome Dr. Van Lantz as a member of the Scientific Advisory Council. Expertise in economic impact and cost benefit analyses

News Releases

Major Water Well Quality Study Released

A major study on the assessment of private well water in areas of potential shale gas development has been completed; the first of its kind in New Brunswick.

Energy Institute releases interim report on domestic well water

The New Brunswick Energy Institute in conjunction with the University of New Brunswick have released an interim report on the baseline groundwater quality study that is being carried out in parts of Kent County and Sussex, two areas of potential shale gas development.

NB Energy Institute Releases First Scientific Study

The first research project funded by the New Brunswick Energy Institute and carried out by the Canadian Rivers Institute has been finalized and released for public consumption.

Abstract: Environmental Flows Guidelines for Resource Development in New Brunswick

Freshwater resources are under increasing threat from anthropogenic activities. Increasing societal demands have led to substantial flow alterations in rivers across Canada and globally.