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The New Brunswick Energy Institute (NBEI)

What has NBEI accomplished for New Brunswick?

Press release:
New Brunswick First Nation Elders and Band Councillors question NBEI on Hydraulic Fracturing

Fredericton: The New Brunswick Energy Institute (NBEI) hosted provincial First Nation Elders and Band Councillors on Wednesday, Nov. 5th to discuss issues surrounding the practice of hydraulic fracturing.

15 Aug
Dr. Nathwani is from University of Waterloo while Dr. Tomblin is from Memorial University. More info on our website

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NBEI is building a library of public information resources about energy development in New Brunswick.  Browse our collection. We will be adding to it regularly.

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Groundwater in New Brunswick Video: The Old and The New

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The New Brunswick Energy Institute will provide objective science-based information to help New Brunswickers evaluate the possible impacts from the potential development of energy resources and infrastructure in New Brunswick. The Institute’s focus will be on environmental, social, economic and health issues.